June 15, 2018

recently (june 2018)


i’m almost done with altered carbon (i liked the netflix series). liking it so far and it made me appreciate some of the visual changes made for the TV adaptation, especially gibson-esque bridge treatment.

listening to staring at the sun via audiobook with caryn. written by a therapist covering death anxiety; i’m finding it fascinating. it has made me examine my own thoughts on death and my own approaches to death anxiety, especially the idea of immortality projects.

finished blind man’s bluff which i picked up because someone on the internet recommended it. a good read covering the history of submarine spying. some parts were harrowing, including the fucked up history of submarine cable tapping we did off the russian coast during the cold war.

i’m pretty stalled out on the human predicament, david benatar’s latest book. it’s good but technical and i’m finding it hard to make progress without falling asleep.


i signed up for letterboxd and went on a movie tear focused on hong kong cinema and other selections from my watchlist. according to my ratings i liked john woo’s the killer the most out of everything i’ve watched recently.

moving all of my watchlists into letterboxd was fun; they were spread out between netflix, imdb, apple trailers, todoist, etc.



i saw khruangbin twice, tortoise, chon, and the mattson two recently. chon was fantastic and i’m seeing them again this month with polyphia and tricot. i am especially excited to see tricot since they haven’t toured in the US much and i haven’t seen them before.

projects and free time

i’ve come up with some ideas for projects lately but haven’t done much programming outside of work. in my free time i’ve played a lot of destiny and warstone td.

we made a little progress on the boat toilet; our next step is to order the new holding tank. it will feel nice when it’s done but finishing it still feels daunting.

secret cave wrote about my twitter bots, that was pretty cool of them!

wealth redistribution

in the last year and a half i gave money to ~150 mostly trans or nb people who i saw requesting money on twitter. i’m still donating monthly to fund club, double union, donors choose (though no longer for sherman alexie books, because he turned out to be a creep), and vocal minority.

i feel gross writing about donating money but maybe someone will read it and consider donating more money (especially directly to people who need it) if they’re able to.

June 15, 2018

hello world

gonna try writing again. thanks for the push deathmtn!